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Surf the sidewalks with one of these easy e-boards.

With the ever-growing popularity of electric bikes and scooters, it seems like we’re living in a sort of golden age of e-rides—and the electric skateboard is no exception. Typically powered by a remote control and a pair of motorized wheels or belts, e-boards enable users to ride with both power and convenience. No need to kick and push your way through the city anymore—just set a speed on your remote, cruise to your destination, and tap your brakes with the push of a button. If you’re looking for a way to scale uphill in a cinch, or a new way to amp up your commute, check out one of these propelling e-boards.

At such high prices, an electric skateboard may feel like a hefty investment. Here’s what to consider and search for to find the one that’s right for you. And whatever model you go with, don’t forget a helmet.

If you’re looking to use an electric skateboard for commuting and plan on carrying it around, consider grabbing a cruiser board. These are typically lighter in weight than longboards and easier to carry and pack when traveling. Keep in mind, however, that cruisers can’t provide as stable of a ride as longboards at high speeds.

You should also consider your body weight. Although an electric board may advertise a top speed of 30 mph, your mileage may vary depending on how much you weigh, as well as the board’s suggested load capacity. If you’re over an electric skateboard’s weight limit, you may find yourself unable to reach its max speed, or risk breaking it.

It’s also worth considering the terrain in which you’ll ride your electric skateboard on. If you’re riding over bumpy gravel and potholes, lean toward a flexible board that can provide some shock absorption. These are typically made of plastic or aluminum. Stiffer boards, often made of maple, fiberglass, or a combination of both, are best on smoother pavement and asphalt.

A general rule of thumb, the lower wattage, the lower the power. High wattage boards are best for rough terrain and even dirt, though they usually weigh and cost more than their lower counterparts. Higher wattage also helps with quickly climbing up steep hills. Lower wattage means less power, but that could fare just fine for those needing a reliable commuting vehicle. We’ve listed the wattage of each board’s single motor, though it must be noted that some boards have more than one motor propelling them.

Just as body weight can affect performance and speed, it can also have a hand in an e-board's battery life. Many sellers on this list claim to offer a battery pack that can last up to 8 miles on a single charge while powered on its medium or low speed settings. However, because every rider is different and will likely switch between speed settings and terrains on a single cruise, mileage heavily varies. It usually takes between 2 to 4 hours to charge an e-board’s battery.

We researched and compared dozens of electric skateboards based on ratings from professional critics, beginner and expert users on message boards and social media, and customer reviews. We considered electric skateboards that offered a variety of features, such as substantial battery life, power and wattage, quality wheels and trucks, accessible controllers, and high load capacities. After sifting through hundreds of reviews and ratings, we came up with this list of 16 terrific e-boards that offer a quality ride.

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One of the more well-rounded e-boards we’ve come across, the Tornado II is a reliable ride that comes packed with safety features and plenty of support. This electric skateboard is made with sturdy 8-ply maple that can comfortably support up to 280 pounds, and many reviewers note its ability to evenly distribute weight for a steady ride, even at its top speed.

The addition of two LED taillights makes this a smart buy for added protection while on the road at night or on crowded city streets.

Don’t let the name fool you: Just because it’s mini doesn’t mean it doesn’t pack a powerful punch. This bestselling electric skateboard is a well-rounded cruiser that offers a top speed of 28 mph, with two hub motors that operate at 540 watts each.

That power is used for reliable braking and acceleration, while its 8-ply maple deck offers stiffness for steady riding on smooth pavement. And just in case you have any accidents with its remote or the board itself, Meepo offers a six-month warranty that’ll cover most damages.

This longboard by Backfire offers a shock-absorbent ride for those who may encounter the occasional sidewalk crack on their commute, thanks to its flexible deck and large, smooth wheels.

Many reviewers rave about the G2’s pair of 400-watt motors, which are quiet while in operation, and provide enough torque to accelerate and brake in an instant. You can also ride for quite a while without worry, as it comes with a remote that clearly displays your battery life and speed, so you’re not stranded in the city.

While it usually doesn’t take much for an electric skateboard to go full throttle, this one for kids and teens is all about safety. The NG3 is equipped with smart sensors that detect the weight and motion of the rider, and will stop instantly when it’s dismounted. It also caps its max speed at 9.3 mph, making it easy to handle for the little ones. With its light-up taillights and smart technology, this board is a safe bet at only $120.

This electric skateboard is a tank when it comes to traversing the earth, and it’s all due to its unique square-shaped wheels that push debris and gravel away from its path. Its wheels make it great for taking on dirt, gravel, and even wet conditions.

The board is made with 7-ply maple and 1-ply fiberglass for added durability, and can reach up to 30 mph at top speeds. Many reviewers love this e-board for its high speed and fast—though sensitive—takeoff.

With its flexible and waterproof deck, this electric skateboard provides a firm, smooth ride for those headed to school or a hang out at the park. Its max speed is capped at just over 12 mph for a safe ride, and when it’s turned off, you can use it like a regular longboard. Its weight and size make it perfect for carrying around with little worry.

If you’re looking for speed that can match a car’s, this is the electric skateboard to grab. Reviewers love this e-board for its ability to go up to 30 mph on a flat road. It’s fairly heavy at 21 pounds, but that also comes with more stability, added cruise control, and the ability to better climb uphill. Smoothly ride over cracks and the occasional gravel with its sturdy deck.

Most decent electric skateboards start at $500, but Jking offers this cruiser option for those wanting to try an e-board on a budget—and according to customers, it’s just as reliable as its higher-end models. This board is made of 2-ply bamboo and 6-ply maple, offering flexibility for a smooth ride and a waterproofed surface to keep a steady grip.

It may not be one of the fastest boards on this list, but max speeds are secondary to safety when trying one of these products out.

If you’re using an e-board for a commute, you have to be mindful of its size and weight, as you’ll be lugging it around all day. This board is light enough for safe travels, and its small size makes it easy to store beside your desk, whether you’re at the office or in class. It may have a low max speed, but you’ll want to ride slower when traversing the city and maneuvering through crowds.

Maybe you don’t want a strictly all-terrain electric skateboard. This one will perform just fine between the road and the trail. The H20T has large, thick rubber wheels that can handle dirt and occasional debris on the pavement, plus they’re perforated for extra shock absorption.

With its thick maple deck and longboard frame, this board will provide a safe and sturdy ride, no matter where you take it. Reviewers note they love that it comes with an extra set of wheels to swap out.

This board is made with 7-ply maple and 2-ply bamboo for flexible riding, and its longboard shape is slightly concave, giving it extra stability and shock absorption. Over 800 Amazon reviewers give this item a 4-star average rating, with many saying this is a solid beginner’s board, and it has a super responsive remote control. Its handle makes carrying it around easy, and you’ll be able to lug it on a commute or hangout like a lunchbox—though, at 18 pounds, a fairly heavy one.

It’s tough to find an electric skateboard that doesn’t have black grip tape and perhaps even harder to find one without a ton of branding. This e-board solves the problem of bright, markety packaging with its barebones presentation. With a clean, natural maple deck and an unbranded topside, it’s perfect for those who want a minimal board. Several reviews say this item is awesome for teens and kids due to its low speed.

For as much power as this e-board boasts, it’s a surprise that it’s able to charge up as fast as it does—according to Meepo, a full charge can be achieved in just 30 minutes. This board has a high top speed that reaches nearly 30 MPH, and its maple construction means it’s built for a firm cruise. Reviewers enjoy the Shuffle for its responsive controls and ultra-fast throttle, but warn that if you’re not ready for speed or fast braking, you’ll likely get thrown off from its velocity.

If you’re looking for a cruiser board that you can use for calm rides, and you want one with a sort of throwback fishboard design, this e-board is for you. It has a small, compact size reminiscent of old skateboards from the ‘70s and it comes with a 7-ply maple deck for a stable ride. Reviewers claim it’s excellent at steering and turns, but also warn it works best on flat surfaces and isn’t made for gravely roads.

This maple longboard provides some extra stable riding and a slight bit of flex due to its whopping 11-ply makeup. Made with 10-ply maple and 1-ply of fiberglass, this board offers awesome stability and medium flex when wheeling across gravel. The H5 also has an ultra thin deck, measuring less than 1 inch thick, and has a battery that’s minimal and hidden from sight. Reviewers love this sleek board’s comfort and its power when climbing uphill.

This 7-ply maple e-board has a bold, bright design on its grip tape for a maximal look that’ll invite glances from onlookers. It’s an Amazon bestseller with nearly 700 rave users reviews, with many buyers calling out its easy remote, careful speed, and 1-year warranty. It’s also lightweight for easy carrying, while its slow speed makes it a great gift for kids.